Cybertech is a form of technology that must be surgically implanted into a host body before it functions. Cybertech takes up a special set of slots that correspond to a creature’s body. Most cybertech is designed for a creature with a humanoid shape—installing cybertech in a non-humanoid-shaped body is more difficult, but possible.

Each piece of cybertech has an implantation value that indicates how invasive the implant is. The total combined implantation values of all cybertech implanted in a single creature can’t exceed either that creature’s Constitution score or Intelligence score—a creature’s Constitution sets the physical limit of what its body can accept in the form of cybernetic implants, while the creature’s Intelligence sets the mental limit of what its brain can control. An implants whose implantation value would cause the total to exceed either of these two scores does not function but still takes up a body slot. In addition, as long as a character has cybernetic implants installed whose combined implantation exceeds his Constitution or Intelligence, he takes a -4 penalty on all saving throws.

A creature with neither a Constitution score nor an Intelligence score cannot receive benefits from cybertech, but a creature with only one of these scores can.

Installing a piece of cybertech takes a number of hours equal to the cybertech’s implantation value if the installation is done by hand—certain technological items can speed this installation time. The target must be willing or helpless during the entire installation, at the end of which the installer attempts a Heal check against a DC of 20 + double the cybertech’s implantation value—this value is listed for each cybertech item for ease of reference. On a success, the target takes Constitution damage equal to the cybertech’s implantation value and the cybertech immediately activates. On a failed check, the target still takes the Constitution damage but the installation fails; a new attempt to install the cybertech can be made, although it’s wise to wait for the Constitution damage to heal before trying again.

Cybertech can be extracted using the same procedure as implanting it, with a failed Heal check indicating the attempt to extract the item failed. Fortunately, extraction is a simpler task than installment, and Heal checks to remove cybertech gain a +10 bonus. Extracting a piece of cybertech from a dead body requires no Heal check but takes a number of rounds equal to the cybertech’s implantation value. You can only install or extract a single piece of cybertech at a time.

An NPC generally charges an amount equal to 1/10 the total price of a piece of cybertech for the service of installing the item.

Each piece of cybertech has a full description, including a set of abbreviated statistics at the start. This information is organized as follows.

Price: This is the cost in gold pieces to buy the implant if it’s available for sale. This value does not include the cost to have the object surgically implanted. As with magic items, a piece of cybertech can be sold by PCs for half this value.

Slot: This is the part of the body into which the cybertech must be implanted. A single slot can only ever host a single piece of cybertech. Cybertech slots are separate from normal magic item slots and do not count as being used for the purposes of worn magic items.

Weight: This is the weight of the cybertech in pounds. Once installed, the cybertech’s weight does not count against a creature’s encumbrance or maximum load.

Install: This is the Heal check DC required to successfully implant or remove the cybertech from a creature.

Implantation: A numerical value indicating how invasive the cybertech is. The higher the number, the more invasive the cybertech. Implantation influences the time and difficulty of installing and removing the cybertech.

Description: This section describes the cybertech’s appearance and abilities.

Construction: Certain requirements must be met for a character to craft cybertech. These requirements generally consist of having a feat and access to a manufacturing facility.

Craft: This is the Craft DC required to create the cybertech. It is also the Knowledge (engineering) DC to correctly identify the cybertech.

Cost: This is the cost in gold pieces to create the item. Generally this cost is equal to half the price of the item.

Arm Slot CybertechPrice WeightImplantInstall DC
Cybernetic arm4,750 gp9 lbs.228
Implanted weaponry10,000 gp (special)1 lb.226
Body Slot CybertechPriceWeightImplantInstall DC
Dermal plating (mark I)4,000 gp5 lbs.224
Cyberfiber muscles (mark I) 8,000 gp10 lbs.224
Thoracic nanite chamber (mark I)8,000 gp5 lbs.224
Wirejack tendons (mark I)8,000 gp10 lbs.224
Biofilter16,000 gp 2 lbs.325
Dermal plating (mark II)16,000 gp5 lbs.426
Cyberfiber muscles (mark II) 32,000 gp10 lbs. 428
Thoracic nanite chamber (mark II)32,000 gp5 lbs.428
Wirejack tendons (mark II)32,000 gp10 lbs.428
Dermal plating (mark III)36,000 gp5 lbs.428
Dermal plating (mark IV)64,000 gp5 lbs.830
Cyberfiber muscles (mark III)72,000 gp10 lbs. 836
Thoracic nanite chamber (mark III)72,000 gp5 lbs.836
Wirejack tendons (mark III)72,000 gp10 lbs.8 36
Dermal plating (mark V)100,000 gp5 lbs.1032
Brain Slot CybertechPriceWeightImplantInstall DC
2,000 gp1 lb.130
Frenzychip36,400 gp1 lb.132
Ears Slot CybertechPriceWeightImplantInstall DC
Cybernetic ears4,000 gp1 lb.128
Eyes Slot CybertechPriceWeightImplantInstall DC
Cybernetic eyes4,000 gp1 lb. 128
Head Slot CybertechPriceWeightImplantInstall DC
Cranial bomb4,500 gp 1/2 lb.1 25
Legs Slot CybertechPriceWeightImplant Install DC
Cybernetic legs8,500 gp12 lbs. 428
Body Slot CybertechPriceWeightImplantInstall DC
Cyberart100 gp1 lb.020


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