Neural Mutation

Radiation or biogenetics have activated your psionic ability, granting you limited manifesting ability.

Prerequisite: Mutant

Benefit: You gain the psionic subtype and 2 power points. In addition, when you take this feat, select any one 1st level power and three psionic talents.

You treat them as powers known and can manifest these powers with a manifester level equal to your character level, as long as you have a Charisma score of at least 11. Use your Charisma modifier to determine any applicable save DCs.

Special: The manifester level when manifesting the power granted from this feat is not a true manifester level and does not count as a manifester level for purposes such as bonus power points, feat, item creation, or prestige class prerequisites.

Redesigned for Planejammer by Loki

Neural Mutation

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