The Storykeepers

The Storykeepers: Formed from the remenants of a group called the SGI, these people wander the land gathering stories. This can take many forms, from wandering the wasteland finding old DVDs; cassette tapes; books; comics or laserdiscs, to giving prospective adventurers video cameras to record their many travails, to writing plays and performing them on the road or; in the case of some of the organization’s more unscrupulous members; driving civilized places to war or ruin and recording it on film as it happens. They wander the wasteland in small caravans, showing their stories to the people as impromptu movie theaters, play stands, or libraries, all for only a token fee.

The alliance’s older members tend to take on the roles of the characters from the stories they treasure most, from the giant man-spider who dresses up as Ultraman or Dolemite to the Robot who re-designs himself to look like Mechagodzilla or Tom Servo.

Though each cell of the alliance is mostly independent, they do have a sort of “leader” who keeps the warehouse where they store their greatest relics (Like a set of bootleg DVDs with the entire MST3K series on it, the once-thought-to-be-lost King Kong Spider Pit scene, the original Gilgamesh Tablets, the skeleton of Bela Lugosi) and use as a place where down on their luck members of the alliance can stay. This HQ is run by a massive supercomputer called Lassetberg, who may or may not be a combination of the Pixar and Dreamworks renderfarms that became sentient (He doesn’t tell “to preserve the suspense”)

Their ideology is that as long as mankind keeps its stories alive and keeps creating human ones, then the flame of civilization can be kept alight. They get along decently with the other alliances (Well, except for the Red Death), as they all have a story to tell

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The Storykeepers

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