The Canopus Plague

­Canopus Plague

The Canopus Plague first appeared in the 1983 Albuquerque Starport Mini Module by Paul Reiche III, which came with Gamma World Referee’s Screen. This plague can be found on abandoned human space stations, ships drifting in space that became infected, other species’ abandoned ships / stations, or even extraplanetary outposts may have a version of this plague.

The Canopus plague is an alien disease brought back to Terra by long-range scoutships in the early 2300’s (Old Terra Calendar). It is highly contagious and causes its victim’s flesh to change into a viscous, pudding-like material. Once the plague has totally taken over a body the victim becomes a zombie, interested only in seeking out healthy humans sentient hosts and infecting them with the foul disease.

Canopus Plague Zombies appear to be made of a dark brown, glistening, gelatinous substance. The disgusting creature will attack the uninfected by bashing characters with its two misshapen fists. Anyone struck will be coated with some of the creature’s gooey substance. The brown material will rapidly eat away at the victim’s flesh. until it has completely consumed them and they become plague zombies. The only way to stop the plague from taking over a body is to remove the affected flesh by burning it away.Once the plague has taken over a body there is no cure.

The Canopus Plague

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