Crafting Laboratories

Crafting Laboratories

Although there is a wide range of technological items, the types of laboratories needed to craft objects are relatively limited. Crafting laboratories are, unfortunately, incredibly rare. A crafting laboratory is similar to a technological artifact, in that it cannot be assembled or built with currently available resources. In order to craft a technological item, one must secure a laboratory for use.

The six types of laboratories are listed below. Each lab also lists the number of charges required for a day’s work on a single project—these numbers are generally rather high, and laboratories that don’t draw power from a generator can consume staggering amounts of battery power. A laboratory that uses power from a generator applies the listed charges to that generator’s dedicated yield for as long as work on the item continues.

Cybernetics Lab (100 charges): A cybernetics lab is used to craft cybernetic equipment and devices that interface directly with a living creature’s biology.

Graviton Lab (250 charges): A graviton lab is used to craft items that utilize graviton technology, such as gravity rifles, force fields, and magboots.

Medical Lab (20 charges): This lab is used to craft medical items like trauma packs and medlances and pharmaceuticals.

Military Lab (100 charges): A military lab is used to craft weapons that don’t require more specialized laboratories.

Nanotech Lab (150 charges): This lab is used to craft devices that utilize nanotechnology, such as id rifles and k-lances.

Production Lab (50 charges): A production lab is used to craft objects that don’t require more specialized laboratories.

Crafting Laboratories

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